Austin K2/Y Heavy Ambulance
Over 13000 Austin K2 Ambulances were made and used not only by the British , but also by French , Russian and even American armies.
Similar body also on Bedford ML and other brands.
It could transport 4 wounded on stretchers or 10 seating.
Length               216" =  548.6  cm         Engine 6 cyl Petrol , Austin
Width                   87" =  221.0  cm         Stroke  4 "        =  101.6    mm
Hight                  110" =  279.4  cm         Bore     3.34 "  =     84.84 mm
Weight        3 tons 1.5 cwt.                      Displacement .=       3.46 litres                    
Tires/tyres  10.50 - 16                             Brake hp           =  60@3000 rpm
Wheel base     132"   =  335.3  cm        Gears 4 forward 1 reverse
Track front  =      61"  =  154.9  cm         Fuel cap.24 Gals.UK=109 liter
Track rear  = 61.25"  =  155.6  cm         Radius 240 miles      = 386 km
Turning circle     55 ft = 1676.4 cm
The same vehicle eleven years apart
Measuring stick = 100cm
The upper stretcher bearers can be set in position  by  a cranking mechanism
Measuring stick = 100cm
The rear steps can be folded in or out
The rearbody has a wooden frame construction, covered by a "leathercloth" fabric, insulated,  and heated by a Clayton Dewandre heater,
ventilated  by  4 ventilators , 2 in the sides, 2 in the roof.
The exhaust pipe ends above the roof to avoid suffication in the stretcher area.
This seems to be a postwar gadget.
There is a door between the cab and the rear body
To avoid the risk of injury the wheel nuts are coded, Use the WHITE nuts to take off the wheel , but NEVER loosen the RED nuts with the tire under pressure.
The rear entrance has double doors
Rearward view
Forward view
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The Chassis
The Cab
The Rear Body inside
The Front Axle
The Rear Axle
The Wheels
Rear Chassis Beam
The Lefthand Side
The Righthand side
P.O.W. rack right
Right Front Locker
Heating Pipes
Rear Mudguard mount
Petrol Tank
Petrol Tank
Petrol Tank
P.O.W. Rack left
P.O.W. = Petrol
Oil and Water
The Engine
Note the Bell
Canvas doors where supplied for cold/wet weather conditions
Yellow Bridge class shield on right front mudguard
Technical Details
Documentation ;

The Observer's FIGHTING VEHICLES DIRECTORY world war II.  by Bart H. Vanderveen

Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles 1939-1945

BELLONA Military Vehicle Data Nr. 16