Fordson W.O.T.2A - H
Fordson was originally a tractor brand and its name was to "identify it as a  product of Henry Ford & Son, this was a company wholly owned by members of the Ford family, while the Ford Motor Company was partly owned by a small number of shareholders".(*) Apart from US production there also was production in England.
In the beginning of the war , the  British Ministry of Supply specified the design for 15cwt, 1 ton and 3 ton trucks, designated W.O.T. (War Office Truck) numbering them 1, 2,  3, etc. (**)
The W.O.T. 2  a 15cwt. vehicle was made on a stripped chassis of a civilian model 61.
A letter suffix to the model number identified the exact version ranging from A to H
(*) Farm Tractors in Colour by Michael Williams ISBN 0 7137 0653 8 from  Blanchford Press Ltd.
(**) Ford Military Vehicles by L.Geary ISBN 086025 856 4 from Ian Henry Publications Ltd.
Both very intresting reading !!
Wheel base.
177.0 inch.
 78.5 inch.
 90.0 inch.
106.0 inch.
V8 - 60 Bhp.
4495.8 mm.
1993.9 mm.
2286.0 mm.
2692.4 mm.
Early type
This is not the first model, because this one does not have the 'Slatted' Grill, and the 'Tilting' wind-screens,  it has Canvas side aprons ,canvas upper curtains and a wire-mesh grill but stil the seperate wind-screens,, which probably make it a 2-C model.
Later type
Has a full wind-screen but still the Canvas side aprons
Late type
Has half steel doors
Rear axle
Rear left
Rear right
Forward look
Left foot-space
Right foot-space
Left fuelfiller
inside cab
Right side
Left side
Bomb squad truck