Diamond T 4.0 ton Wrecker
Truck,  4-ton, 6x6, Wrecker Diamond T 969, 969A, 969B
The Diamond T Wrecker was basicly a standard truck with a wrecker body by  the Holmes .Co.
It was first seen in 1941 and has been used by many armies around the world -including BRITAIN and CANADA - until long after the second world war.
Purpose was; 'To lift and tow disabeled vehicles'. and it was Classitied as 'Standard'.
It was delivered first with a closed Cab (969) and after 1943 an open Cab was used.(969A-969B)
One in  four were equipped with the 'Ánti-Aircraft-Machine-gun  Mount M36'.
Engine        Hercules RXC 6cyl  
Displacement          521 cu.in.
Brake horsepower  131

Lift capacity 10 ton , Winch capacity 15.000 lb.
291  5/8 "
101 "
111 "
21.700 lb
7391.4 mm
2565.4 mm
2819.4 mm
9842.95 kg

8.6 liter
TM 9-811 4-Ton Diamond T, 6x6 Truck, Cargo, Wrecker, Ponton and Dump.
Contains the 393 page manual with 533 scans, 25 photo's of a restored Cargo version and 36 photo's of the wrecker version.
Also included is TM 9-224 Machine Gun Mounts for Trucks
$20.-- from  EASY1 CD , Mike Powell
The Brace legs
Details from a manual
Winch transmission detail
The Compressor
Boom detail
Cab detail