Corbitt - White Cargo
Cargo body in wood
Cargo body in steel
Central winch
Open cab outside details
Open cab inside details
Chassis underside
Pintle hook front
Steering link
Front spring connection
Front axle
Front wheel                     Rear wheel
Length over-all      
Hight over-all.      
Width over-all    
Wheel size        
Weight empty  
185 inch                    
24 ft 1 inch (White).  
23 ft 9 inch (Corbit)
9 ft   6 inch (White)  
9 ft10 inch (Corbit)  
8 ft.    (Both)            
10.00 x 22 inch
22,900 lb (White)    
22,020 lb (Corbit)        
= 468.8   cm
= 734.06 cm
= 728.98 cm
= 289.56 cm
= 299.72 cm
= 243.84 cm

= 4711.58 kg
= 4530.52 kg      
The Corbit  50SD6  and White 666 models were build to a standardised Military design.
The early type had a closed cab and a metal cargo body, the later type had a open cab and a wooden cargo body.
And althoe, having the same appearance they slightly differed in specification, as the above Data shows.
It was used in all theatres of war in WW2  and long after that in many armies worldwide .  
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