Chevrolet Bomb Service M6
The Bomb-Service-Truck  is used to load and unload bombs
and tow bomb trailers.
It is powered by a six-cylinder valve-in-head engine.
A single plate dry disk clutch with a diaphragm spring is used.
A selective sliding gear type transmission supplies four
forward speeds and one reverse speed.
In order to provide a drive to the frontaxle as well as an
auxiliary low speed, a two-speed transfer case is mounted back of the transmission.
Tubular drive shafts with needle type universal joints are used between the transfer case and axles as well as between the transfer case and transmission.
The frame, constructed of heavy channel steel, supports the
open type body and platform on which a hoist for loading and unloading the bomb trailer is mounted.
Source; TM 9-765
Specific data;
Weight (Shipping)                                    
Weight (Road)            
Ground clearance    
Thread (center to center of tracks)  
Width over-all                                        
Length over-all                                      
Tire pressure                                      
Fuel main-tank                                        
Fuel auxiliary-tank                                  
Cruising range                                      
  125 inch.          
  6040 Lb.            
  6324 Lb.            
  18.94 inch.          
  60.31 inch.      
  72.00 inch.        
  91.87 inch.          
  55 lb                
  30 gal.                  
  18 gal.                  
  250 miles                
317.5 Cm
2739.7 kg
2868.7 kg
48.10 Cm  
153.19 Cm
182.88 Cm
233.35 Cm
3.79 bar
113.56 liter
68.14 liter
402 33 Km
Truck, 1-ton, 3-wheel, Bomb lift M1
Mesuring sitck 100 Cm,  Big dividings 10 Cm
Lift-arm and winch system
There are quite a few Bomb-trucks still around,
Here are some other survivers.
Alhoe never made with a closed cab it still is a nice Truck, specially in foul-weather
Note that the chassis and wheels are green (OD) while the rest is grey
Underside connecting plate
Chassis-body connection
References; TM 9-765 Bomb Service truck M6
                     TM 9-1765A Axles, propellershafts and wheels
                      for Bomb Service Truck M6 (Chevrolet)